Due to the extraordinary mechanism of photosynthesis, biomass is among the resources of the Earth , the only one which can be periodically renewed without any consumption of its stocks.
Biomass is better shared all around the world than any other resource.

The sustainable development becomes today, for people in charge of political decision, a fundamental concept where the non-foodstuff transformation of biomass, in particular agricultural products, can play a major role.

Biomass chemistry needs to do it :

  • The set up of clean and economic technologies which can produce energy or goods at the market price.

  • The cancellation of any contribution to the green effect.

  • The development of small but efficient industrial units which favor the local development.


It is the reality of today with an oil barrel price definitively installed with the tops of 50€. The processes of industrial transformation of the agroressources on which I work since more than one quarter century become, as we will see it in the pages which follow, profitable and ecological industrial operations.

Michel Delmas