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As I indicated it in preamble, I practice, since the first time, my job of chemist around the world. Today I have common research programs :

In Africa with :

  • Professor Rachid El Gharbi and Professor Mansour Salem from the University of the Tunisian South in Sfax - Tunisia on the chemistry of oxygen and nitrogen heterocycles and the chemistry of polymers.

  • Professor Ali Ben Bachir from the University Mohamed V of Rabat - Morocco on the corrosion phenomenons in industrial chemistry.

  • Professeur Henry Kiriamiti from the Moi University in Kenya on various local plants for pharmaceutical use.

  • Professor Komla Sanda from the National University in Lome – Togo on different local plants for industrial use.

In America and Carribean Islands with :

  • Professor Joseph Banoub from the University Memorial, St John’s, newfound land – Canada on the chemistry of marine resources and high resolution mass spectrometry.

  • Professor René Bravo from the University of French Carribean Islands and Guyana in Martinique on the valorisation of the by-products of the industry of bananas.

In Asia with :

  • M. Dao Si Sanh , chairman ,and Dr. Hoang Quoc Lam, from the Research Institute of Pulp and Paper in Hanoi ( Vietnam ) on the production ,using our new technologies , of pulp from rice straw and sugar cane bagasse.

  • Professor Bui Van Ga and M. Tran Van Tien from the University of Danang (Vietnam) on the production of biofuels.

  • Professor Huynh Thi Kieu Xuan from the National University in Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam on the chemistry of water.

  • Professor Li Da Jue from the Academy of Sciences, Beijing – China on the development of sweet sorghum.

In Europe with :

  • Professor Bernard Boutevin and Professor Jean Jacques Robin from the Department of Chemistry of the University of Montpellier – France.

  • Doctor Ghislain Gosse President of the National Institute of Agronomy North of France, Paris – France on the non foodstuff use of industrial crops.

I owed a lot to my colleagues and friends: Dr Bouchra Benjelloun – M’layah and Dr. Yves Le Bigot, from the INP-ENSIACET, which have worked with me since a long time on the most of the research subjects presented here.

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