The CIMV biorefinery process

I have created the CIMV Company (Compagnie Industrielle de la Matière végétale) in 1998 with Thiery Scholastique and Gérard Avignon, to develop my innovative concept of vegetal refining.

The CIMV technology represents a major industrial breakthrough, because it is currently the only one to the world to allow the separation, without degradation and without risk for the environment, the three components of the vegetal matter (lignin, cellulose and hemicelluloses).

Ten years of research work and the construction of a pilot plant allowed the optimization of the process.

This technology valorizes, at their best level, the main components of the plant in three intermediary industrial products :

Offre globale CIMV

The biomass is non-food related and can come from a wide range of resources: agricultural wastes (cereal straws, sugar cane bagasse, corn strovers), fibrous plant stalks, but also hardwoods.

CIMV products replace fossil-based commodities (particleboards, paintings, solvents, animal feed).

Today, CIMV keeps on working to industrialize its process worldwide.

For more information you can consult CIMV’s website :