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The pollution of the over-crowded cities and regions all around the world is due to the pollutants generated by energy and goods production and use.
We have to re-examine the development patterns and be careful of technologies and processes used to spare a lot of trouble in the near future.
On the whole, the research and development operations realised, have been directed on sustainable development. It’s a matter of clean technologies where the chemical transformation of biomass don’t produce any pollution.
This is not always easy to explain that a pollutant, whatever its origin, is first a lost of material then a lost of money.
This fact clearly understood, we have to :

  • treat this pollution to be harmless but the cost of a such operation can be high and threatens the profitability of the technology.

  • found a new transformation which changes the pollutant in a commercial product.

  • set up a clean technology.

In this connection I have seen different academic research programs end up at industrial development among others in the following fields : leather, offset inks, pharmaceuticals, vegetal oil refining, polyesters resins, public works, aromatic, clouring and medicinal plants.
Some technical precisions follow with the references of the privates companies involved.

I have been in contact, from the beginning of my career at the University with the outside world through many research programs developed in cooperation with various companies and institutions.
From this particular situation in our country at this period, I have developed other type of activities within the framework of the law as Consultant and Judicial Expert.

Besides, I have opened in 1992 a private office (n° Siret: 388 341 190 00014 – Ape: 741 g) which allows to separate entirely academic and private activity as required by the law in France.
As Consultant, I have worked for different companies involved in pulp and papers, plant oils, leather, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics etc...
As Judicial Expert for the Higher Courts in Toulouse and the Midi-Pyrénées and Languedoc Regions, I give technical assessment to help the judges to appreciate technical points and take decisions in trials which deal with chemistry and environment.

Within this framework, I was in particular at the origin of two companies which are :

  • Sea- Land Technologies Inc. , Fleur de Lys, New Foundland, Canada which develops industrial activities in relation to the production of marine oils (seals, fish) with high content of Omega -3 on the basis of an original technology of cold refining of these oils which is currently on the market to only one which guarantees their integrity and allows to avoid cis- trans isomerizations of the double bonds of the omega -3 fatty acids particularly detrimental for their quality.

  • The "Compagnie Industrielle de la Matière Végétale - CIMV ,(Industrial Company of the Vegetable Matter)", France, creates to develop my concept of vegetable refining whose I briefly describe the activities in the specific heading that I devote to it.