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At the beginning of the seventies, when I completed my Ph.D., the French Government fully subsidized the academic research in the Universities.
This comfortable situation was not the same all around the world.
At one time, in Canada and USA, private companies and public institutions bring money to the research programs in universities if they found their own interest what is completely different than an automatic grant.

Later on, in Tunisia, was an other situation with a Government which put a lot of money in infrastructure but just a few for research working. The supply in chemicals, for example, was not all the time perfectly orthodox.
The two first oil crisis came before I got back in Toulouse at the beginning of the eighties .The situation of the academic research wasn’t so comfortable than ten years ago. The only way to go on was private and institutional funding like in North – America

I rather succeed insofar as I had the possibility to set up a lot of research programs focused on the chemistry of biomass with acid –base catalysis as main catalysis system.

I have, in this way, since the beginning of eighties, supervised 73 Ph.D thesis, registered 44 international patents, presented about 150 conferences and communications with proceedings in international congresses and published 200 original papers in the main international journals in organic chemistry.
The common aim of these works is the set up of clean technologies with products coming from biomass .They are summarised under the following themes.

These works are summurized below :

in the next pages with the references of the related publications which pay tribute to my students and colleagues involved in.